SST can handle all of your shock needs - whether you need a  new set, repairs or just routine service to your existing shocks - I pride myself on going the extra mile to meet my customers needs and as always - free tech support is just a phone call away.
Unmatched Service & Technical Support
Sales, Service & Repair -
Track Testing & Support -
        I'm available for hire to test with your team. If your team doesn't have a dyno or shock building facilities in it's trailer - I could be hired to bring my shock truck to the test providing the logistics are in line with reasonable travel times. I  travel to local tracks throughout the summer with my shock truck to service potential customers and could travel to specific tracks in support of existing customers if requested. Again providing logistics are in line with reasonable travel times.
Custom Valving & Equalization - 
        I've built thousands of shocks over the years and can create any type of custom valving for your specific needs. If you run Pro or Afco shocks - it is well known they can vary a great degree from one shock to another even if they are the same brand. Some are reasonably close and yet some are way off  their indicated valving. I can take your inventory of shocks and go through them - making sure all your 4's are 4's  - 5's are 5's and so on.  Accurate valving is critical to ensure the correct feel when you make a shock change to your car.   
Educational Seminars - when time permits
        Educational seminars are a great way to establish a good basic knowledge of shocks and how they perform. Our seminars give a hands on experience that will familiarize you with the internal parts of different brands of shocks along with dyno testing and graph creation. The goal of our seminars are not to make you experts in shocks but to educate you to the point that you are comfortable looking at graphs and discussing changes you may want to try. Graphs are just a bunch of colored lines until you understand really what they are telling you.
"Knowledge & Experience Make The Difference"
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