SST carries select bump stops, materials and related pieces. I do not and will not offer every shape size and color of bump stop on the market as the majority of them are useless to a point and end up wasting time and money for most racers. I will never stock my shelves with bump stops of all kinds just to increase sales like many of the suspension companies out there.
      I offer bump stops that I believe in and have faith that they are the best materials available for the application.
SST Bump Stop Kit -
    true suspension enhancement for dirt or asphalt
     Our active bump stop system was  developed for sprint car teams of all levels. They offer your team the ability to tune your bump stop and keep up with changing track conditions as the night goes on. When used effectively they can help keep the car from "losing the LR" off the corner as well as giving you the ability to precisely time the car getting to the RF.

     SST Bump Stop Kits come complete with everything you need even if you've never had a bump stop on your car before. Each kit contains bump stop pieces, plastic separator washers, a rigid base washer, shaft spacers and instruction sheets with easy to read guidelines for selecting the correct bump stop for your particular track type and size.

Single kits are available in 1/2, 9/16, 5/8 and 15MM shaft sizes and are designed for 1/2, 3/8, 1/4 mile tracks. They retail for $175.00 + shipping

Double kits contain enough pieces to do a pair of shocks so you can have an identical spare shock ready to go. They retail for $299.00 + shipping

Our bump cups are the slickest on the market - available is the standard size and a larger size cup to fit over bigger bodied shocks like adjustable Pros
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