SST is a cutting edge shock/bump stop technology company offering new & used sales along with complete repair, revalving and rebuilding of all major brands used in racing across the country today. Our "Game Changer" bump stop kits will put you ahead of the curve in bump stop technology. No matter what brand of shock you run - I believe I can help you get better and faster by simplifying your shock program.

     I offer Pro, Afco,Penske, Integra & FK shocks as brands for sale but can handle the repair and service of nearly every brand of shock used in racing today. SST is considered by many to be the best Pro Shock service center there is. Every new or used Pro Shock we sell is dynoed and revalved if needed to the correct valving forces before it is shipped to the customer so when you get a Pro shock from SST it is right the first time.

      Contact SST and let me put my extensive experience to work for you and your team. We can discuss your situation and see where there is room for improvement. With more than 25 years of shock building & chassis tuning experience, I'll help you sort the fact from fiction when it comes to shocks and bump stops. It is my goal to help my customers run faster and increase their performance through education.
     I started building my own shocks in the late 80's and from 2000-2009 worked in the NASCAR Cup Series as a race winning shock specialist. I've worked with nearly every kind of shock design & engineering there is and as a former sprint car driver - I've done everything from building engines to driving the hauler. The experiences I've had from the driver's seat along with the hands on experiences of  building, setting-up and racing sprint cars for 17 years gives me a unique perspective from behind the wheel that is a decided advantage when developing, diagnosing and treating chassis issues with shocks. 
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SQ-14   SYNTHETIC SHOCK FLUID now available to the public
     In our continuing effort to create the most accurate, reliable valvings available, SST introduces SQ-14 synthetic shock fluid. This light viscosity fluid minimizes valving fade from cold to hot operating temps. Low friction formula helps reduce seal drag and outperforms conventional oils in extreme conditions. By using SQ-14 we have taken one of the variables out of shock valvings. Regardless of what brand of shock we are working with - SQ-14 gives us consistant performance shock to shock thus eliminating the differences from oils brand to brand.
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